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 Priest going to be over powered?

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PostSubject: Priest going to be over powered?   Sun Aug 17, 2008 7:07 pm

Hey, been looking at the skills for the new class every since wiki has been adding them. they have many godly skills.
I believe they will be way over powered. I am also going to play that class Razz
Going to just point out the skills I think that will mostly make this class godly.

(I will be talking about the last one listed , lvl 4 of the skill lvl 5 for the full effect)

1. Vigor Absorption - At level 5 it is instant hit skill that does +18 damage and has a 60% chance to heal the player for 118hp, with a 8.5sec cool down.

2. Approach - at level 4, it is pretty much a 35meter dash that evades enemies attack, instant cast, downtime unknown. (wonder what lvl 5 will be or if it ever goes higher o.o)

3. Thorns - At level 5, it is a slow spell to slow the target by -3.0meters per sec (lasts 30 secs.). 1.5 cast time 22.5 downtime.

4. Velovi Form - At level 5 you transform into Velovi, increases your walking speed by +2.5meters per sec. Instant cast, downtime 18secs. (This skill is by Activation/Deactivation toggle.) Which this is bs they can run away from a fight in duel/pvp.

5. Will Extortion and Anger Strike - Both these skills are minor added damage, both instant cast, THE CATCH here is while hitting with this skill you have a chance to activate a self buff! ( a 50% for one and 60% for the other) One of these add a buff for more defense the other increased magic attack for 8mins/18mins)

Ok those are just a few skills but are NOT all.
They also get many defense buffs.
They also get a skill to hit a monster and decrease the hostility.
They also get 2 minor heals.
They also get a skill to make a person/monster hit speed higher (to make them slower hitter)
They also get a passive increase shor defense (which is 100 at level 1)
They also get DoT's.
They also get Hp regen buff.
They also get another increase target weapon speed to make them hit slower which is a muti hitter AoE type.
They also get their nuke like the rest of us magic users that is instant cast, and also I think stronger then any other classes, cooldown unsure.
They also get evasion buffs, acc buffs and so on..

This is not a full list of their skills either, check it out if you want it is on wiki.

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PostSubject: Re: Priest going to be over powered?   Mon Aug 18, 2008 1:25 am

Also forgot to mention they have 32 skills in total, Also the dominate 2nd class choice seems to be Prophet, which has 14 new skills! All other 2nd classes have 7 or less new skills.

Here are some neat/op skills for prophet.

1. DoomGuard Form - At level 5 it gives 2500 Defense, but has a -3m sec, Insta cast, downtime unknown.

2. Provocation Shout - At level 5, pretty much like the taunt, but hostility is raised by 1729! (DoomGuard exclusive skill.)

3. Inferno Form - At level 5 it increasing damage by 300 and lowers defense by 100. Another insta cast, skill downtime unknown.

4. Geodaehwa - At level 5 it adds 786hp for 18mins, casting info unknown.(DoomGuard exclusive skill.)

5. Advance - At level 5, Quickly Advance 18m (doesn't seem to be like dash where it dashes to a target) Insta cast, skill downtime unknown. (Inferno exclusive skill.)

6. Healing Power - At level 5 is a self heal for 490hp, casting info unknown. (DoomGuard exclusive skill.)

7. Storm Strike - (Inferno exclusive skill.) Does added damage +83 at level 5 also has a unknown effect really curious as to what.
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PostSubject: Re: Priest going to be over powered?   Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:37 am

Looks to me like the class is more about versatility than being just flat out over powered. It can be out damaged, out healed, out played by other classes, but no class can play as many roles as the priest. Many of their skills actualy seem rather weak in comparison to the other classes, but the fact that it can pretty much borrow facets of every other character out there makes it look interesting.
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PostSubject: Re: Priest going to be over powered?   

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Priest going to be over powered?
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